" Ultimately, the quality of the vapor
this thing puts out is just so damn good
that it’s impossible not to love it.
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" This portable waterpipe-vape is perfect for anyone
who wants the experience of using a bong with
the health benefits of a vaporizer. ”
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" Every shape and material used has its reason,
and all of the reasons are aimed toward
a brand new user experience. ”
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" Customers love the Hydrology 9 because of its ease of use and portability.
It has an excellent design and powerful battery
that allows people to entertain themselves or
guests for a reasonable amount of time.
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" The Hydrology9 Water Filtration Vaporizer
Brings Bongs Into The Age Of Vapes
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" The user-experience of the Cloudious9 device,
so to speak,
was (pun intended) fairly fluid. ”
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" Rated 9.9/10 Detail attention can be seen in the build
quality as well as in the quality built into the design.
If you love vaporizer and you want to get your hands
on one of the best units in the market,
the Hyrology9 is a must-have vaporizer. "
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" Unlike the other units we’ve tested in the past,
this vaporizer uses water to chill and purify the
vapor even more so than it already is. ”
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" It’s so tasty and the hits are so smooth,
you can barely see anything on the exhale.
You can definitely taste it though. ”
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"Truthfully it really works so nicely that I wouldn’t be stunned
to seek out in a couple of years time that it’s
commonplace challenge in all natural vapes. ”
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" Aesop was right, the future is amazing,
my mind is fucking blown. ”
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" This device provides its users with an exceptional burning
or vaporizing experience, in a well thought over,
state of the art product. ”
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"Cloudious 9 is leading the charge for a
new wave of vaporizer technology, and so far
we’re in love! ”
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"5 Awesomely Affordable Vapes To Smoke
Right Now”
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"I’ve tried my share of herbal vapes
over the years, but never one as technologically cool
as the Hydrology9 from Cloudious9. ”
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"The best vaporizers for marijuana on the
market right now”
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"Ultra-futuristic design, great battery life, even
heat distribution, cool and tasty vapor.”
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"It is easy to operate, it looks cool, and it works
well. The Hydrology9 is so pretty that you may
find yourself holding it just because it's neat.”
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"It stands alone as the premier filtered-vaporizer
on the market, and can hold its weight.”
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Rated 9.6/10
"If your looking for additional portable
vaporizers to add to your collection, this
should be one of them.”
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"The Hydrology9 delivers an "ultimate user
experience" so innovative and avant-grade, it
might just reinvent the vaping game as it is
known today.”
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"This piece is both a vape and a bong.”
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"I enjoy using it because it’s very easy
to operate and honestly it’s fun.”
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"This is one product you will not want to miss out on!"
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"The Hydrology 9 is certainly unique. I can’t
think of any other water-filtered portable
vaporizers, and certainly none that are quite
like this."
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"It’s fair to say the Hydrology9 from
Cloudious9 is a game-changer for fans
of dry herb vaporizers.”
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Rated 9.3/10
"After vaping with the Hydrology9
I don’t know if I’ll be able to go
back to vaping with non-water filtration
equipped vape. It’s that good."
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"The vapor quality was high, it worked
efficiently and produced full, cool
pulls consistently. It’s easy to use,
even featuring a built in stir stick!
Gotta love the little things."
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"There is nothing quite like this vaporizer
on the market and it is all about smoothness
and flavor.
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"There really isn’t anything like the
Hydrology9 on the market which makes
this piece unique."
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Rated 91%
" En definitiva es un gran vaporizador,
de los mejores que encontramos en el mercado..."
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"This piece is awesome. By far one the
BEST vaporizer's out there. The
Hydrology 9 is a truly unique vaporizer
that incorporates a water filtration
system directly into the unit."
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"The modern design and build quality
stand out from any of the other
vaporizers I have seen and reviewed."
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"Incredibly, it provides the satisfaction
of both a vaporizer and a bong!"
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"It’s incredibly refreshing to see
a company creating something new
and innovative. Aesthetically,
this vaporizer will take your breath away."
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"The Hydrology 9 is a truly unique
vaporizer that incorporates a water
filtration systemdirectly into the unit."
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"Here’s our favorite herbal vaporizers of 2016"
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"DCN’s Editors Top Innovative and
Tech Gift Picks 2016 Yes, it is
the season for tech."
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