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The Auto9 - Fully Automatic Grinder

"It's a GRINDER not a BLENDER"

Our latest addition to the Cloudious9 family and a different spin of our popular Tectonic9 grinder.  We were sick of automatic grinders that retrofit a coffee bean blender with blades as automatic grinder that at best shreds your flower into dust and at worse just gets either stuck or you can watch your flower nug bounce around like pop corn.

Soooo we decided to create a true automatic grinder with the same top/bottom diamond teeth design we are all use to, and made it automatic yet affordable. 


  1. 4gram large capacity grinding chamber.

  2. Powerful 180 r/min motor powers through the toughest nug.
  3. Easy Aim, Press, and Done operations.

  4. All new "robo-wrist" motor design which mimics the true motion of hand grinding mechanics with a left/right rotating grinder motion.

  5. Automatic grinder that produces hand ground quality you are familiar with. 

Product Details

Designed in California, the Auto9 is the latest fully automatic grinder added to the Cloudious9 family.  Large in capacity (2.5" 4grams) yet mini in footprint (13.5oz), Auto9 simulates a true hand grind experience with an easy single button operation which switches between clockwise and counterclockwise. Allow this perfectly fine-tuned device to provide you with a seamless peak grinding experience. Comes as a 5-piece sets that completes your grinding experience.

  • Fully Automatic:  Auto9 perfectly combines electric grinding and auto dispensing. Powerful electric motor which evenly grinds and dispenses through a clear cone spout with the press of a button.
  • Simulates Traditions:  The new "robo-wrist" technologysimulates a true hand grind experience with an easy single button operation which switches between clockwise and counterclockwise to produce the fluffy grinding texture you are familiar with.

  • High Power Electric Motor:  Auto9 grinder is equipped with 15 sharp machine CNC diamond shaped shredder teeth combining with 180 r/min powerful motor that can effortlessly grind and extract potent aromas and fresh flavors. High rotational speed allows for 20X faster grinding at the touch of a button. A full charge takes 2-3 hours by USB-C charging. Powerful rechargeable 2000mAh battery allows for hours of continuous usage. A single charge would last for weeks or even months depending on your usage.

  • Ergonomic Design:  Auto9 was designed to be operated with a single hand. The handle and trigger is perfectly positioned for a simple point, press, and done experience.  Large 63mm or 2.5" head combined with the powerful grinding motor allows for a 4 Gram grinding capacity. Top grinding teeth and cones spout are both water washable and could be separated for ease of cleaning.

  • Complete Set:  Auto9 grinder and 5-piece cleaning & loading accessories kit contains all the essentials for a perfect gift set for anyone that can benefit from an effortless and time saving grinding experience.

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