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Stash9 Mini Tabletop Storage

Stash9 is a redesigned storage solution for the craft connoisseur that seeks the familiar tote aesthetic in a miniaturized tabletop design for everyday needs. The Stash9 includes a patent pending humidity slot design to help maintain humidity control with a free 62% humidity pack, a smell proof silicon seal, and removable 3-layer odor absorption carbon filter bottom insert. Include this one-of-a-kind accessory to your daily-ritual and experience a new convenience and polished storage boxes experience.

  • Miniaturized Craft Connoisseur's Dream - Stash9 is the ultimate mini storage totes solution with its miniaturized tabletop design.  The stackable design maximizes space utilization and gives your STASH the ultimate organization solution.

  • 3 Layer Carbon Filter - Odor absorbing Insert eliminates unwanted odors, leaving your bin space fresh and clean.

  • Air Seal Lid - An upgrade to the traditional totes, the air seal lid ensures that your herbs, spices, or other sensitive items stay discreet and fresh. The secure latch provides additional safety, giving you peace of mind knowing your contents are securely sealed.

  • Consistent Humidity Control:  The patent-pending humidity pack slots in the Stash9 maintain consistent humidity levels, preserving the quality and freshness of your stored items.  Free 62% Cloudious9 Humidity Pack Included.

  • Entire Kit: The Stash9 storage kit includes a free 62% humidity pack, and carbon filter insert, boasts a non-shift base groove design.  Measuring 8" x 5.25" x 4.75"

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