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TrimCraft9 Precision Automatic Trimming Scissor

Experience a trimming revolution with the TrimCraft9, an innovative cutting-edge tool meticulously crafted to redefine your trimming experience.  Developed by seasoned industry trimmers, the TrimCraft9 addresses and eliminates the most notorious pain points of trimming, delivering unparalleled efficiency and comfort.  With an unwavering focus on precision, agility, and residue control, the TrimCraft9 ensures flawless, perfectly trimmed finished products.

  • Responsive Precision Trigger: Ergonomic, pressure-sensitive trigger for effortless control over blade action, inspired by game controller responsiveness.

  • Adjustable Blade Angles: Easily switch between Precision and Wide Trim Angle modes for tailored trimming, offering exceptional adaptability.

    • Wide Trim Angle: 35mm blade opening for quick and efficient trimming of larger foliage.

    • Precision Trim Angle: 18mm blade opening for accurate and delicate trimming.

  • Interchangeable Blade System: Tool free versatile blade switching system for varied cutting styles; easy blade replacement for consistent performance and improved cleaning.

  • Dynamic Trimming Options: Single or continuous blade action to suit different applications, offering uninterrupted trimming power.

  • Calibrated Cutting Pressure Safety: Calibrated to effectively cut through light plant matter, paper, & cloth, while being unable to cut thru thick branches & plastic for added safety. 

  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight at 9.5 ounces, the sleek design ensures trimming tasks are precise and comfortable. 

  • Illuminating LED Work Light: High lumen LED for precise, well-lit trims.

  • 12 Volt Power Cable: 10-foot, 12-volt cable for continuous, dependable power and uninterrupted trimming.

  • Residue Prevention Blade Coating: Stainless steel blades with QPQ treated food-safe coating for easy cleaning, efficiency, and extended durability.

  • Brushless Motor: Effortless, precise cutting with longevity, quiet brushless motor technology.

Stash9:  Stash9 is a redesigned storage solution for the craft connoisseur that seeks the familiar tote aesthetic in a miniaturized tabletop design for everyday needs. The Stash9 includes a patent pending humidity slot design to help maintain humidity control with a free 62% humidity pack, a smell proof silicon seal, and removable 3-layer odor absorption carbon filter bottom insert.

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Package Includes

(Blade pre-installed)
Curved Blade
Soft Shell
Carrying Case
Manual &




Tungsten Steel QPQ Coating

Blade Angle

Precision: 20mm Wide: 40mm

Motor RPM / Torque

11000 RPM / 0.3NM


100 Cycles per Minute



Power Source

Wired AC, 10ft cable

Input / Output

100-240V - 50/60Hz / 12V2A 24W

Atomic9 Lifestyle

One Button Adjustable Blade Angles

storage solution

Tabletop Storage for Every Day Rituals

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