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Vortex9 Bubble Hash Cold Water Extraction Kit

The Vortex Bubble Bag distinguishes itself with its patent-pending, top-heavy design that creates a vortex of increased pressure on the plant material during the extraction process. This unique shape significantly boosts yields and purity compared to other designs. Vortex Bubble Bag comes with a patent-pending, food-safe grade silicone guard that protects the industrial micron filters during extraction, preventing punctures. The customized collapsible bucket made to fit our bag to perfection minimize the space requirement for your kit’s storage and transportation.

The Art of Ice Bubble Extraction: Unlock the full potential of your extractions with the Vortex9. Embrace the patent-pending Vortex Funnel Design, along with a range of accessories including 1) filter stir guard 2) customized collapsible bucket 3) 25 micron press screen 4) customized scraper 5) storage bag, and 6) 5x 2.5 gallon water-resistant micron bag in the follow size:  25, 73, 120, 160, 220 microns color coded and labeled for an error free process.

Maximize Yields and Purity: Experience higher yields and superior purity with the Vortex Bubble Bag's patent-pending top-heavy design, creating a vortex of increased pressure during extraction. 

Protects Your Investment: Our Vortex Bubble Bag includes a patent-pending, food-safe grade silicone guard that safeguards the industrial micron filters during extraction, preventing any punctures or damage.

Comprehensive Extraction Kit: The Vortex Bubble Bag is a complete kit that provides everything you need for successful extractions. With customized collapsible buckets designed to perfectly fit our bags, you'll have a compact and efficient storage solution for your entire kit.   The Vortex9 is the evolution  of extractor system for your hydroponic herbal grow.



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