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Carti9 Store Quick Starter Bundle 5x $650 Value at $150

The CARTI9 is designed to bring true water filtration to 510 vape cartridges, offering smoother hits and intensified effects with the convenience of utilizing any 510 vape cartridge.  

Are you considering adding Carti9 to your store but aren't quite sure yet? Take advantage of our one-time introductory bundle package designed specifically for first-time dispensaries and smoke shop buyers. Get a $650 retail value bundle for only $150! This offer allows retailers to conduct a test run and determine if Cloudious9 products are a good fit for their location. We offer 50% off wholesale and 77% off retail prices for this introductory bundle to make the process risk-free and seamless for retailers.

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Draws Inspiration from our Acclaimed Hydrology9 Series

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