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Cloudious9 Retailer Starter Bundle – One-Time Exclusive Offer: 50% Off Wholesale, 75% Off Retail

Are you considering adding Cloudious9 products to your store but aren't quite sure yet? Take advantage of our one-time introductory bundle package designed specifically for first-time dispensaries and smoke shop buyers. Get a $1015 retail value bundle for only $250! This offer allows retailers to conduct a test run and determine if Cloudious9 products are a good fit for their location. We offer 50% off wholesale and 75% off retail prices for this introductory bundle to make the process risk-free and seamless for retailers.

Limitation:  Each purchase must be verified as a B2B transaction before shipping, and each physical store location can use this offer only once, limited 1 order per purchase.  Product selection cannot be substituted.  

Package Includes:

$645 Retail Value – 5x Carti9 Liquid Filtration for Carts - $129 MSRP/ea

$60 Retail Value – 2x Sequoia9, 2.4” All-Natural Wooden Grinder -$30 MSRP/ea

$120 Retail Value – 2x Automatic Dispensing Tectonic9 Grinder - $60 MSRP/ea

$120 Retail Value – 2x Atomic9 Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer - $60 MSRP/ea

$70 Retail Value – 1x M.L.T Portal Rolling Tray/Survival Kit - $70 MSRP/ea

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